country Livin' Mobile Home Park

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Below are the current policies for Country Livin’ Mobile Home Park. These policies are kept up to date and should be referred to as the most accurate source.

Last Updated: 12/23/2018

Country Livin’ Mobile Home Park Policies

These policies are necessary for the comfort of all tenants. All reasonable means will be taken to ensure that your stay here is a safe and happy one. The property is privately owned, therefore the management makes and enforces all policies and regulations. We are required to conform with all local and state health, welfare, and safety laws.

  1. Rents are payable in advance and are due on the first of every month.

  2. There will be a five day grace period after the first of the month for past due rents, after which a $25 extra late fee will be added.

  3. No loud parties or excessive noise will be allowed at any time, so as not to disturb the other tenants.

  4. No outside pets allowed.

  5. Drunkenness or immoral conduct will not be tolerated.

  6. Tenants are responsible for guests, children, and pets, and will be charged accordingly for damages.

  7. No peddling, soliciting, or commercial enterprise is allowed in the park without permission from the management.

  8. No overhauling of cars is permitted in the mobile home lot or in the roadways. No old, unused cars sitting around.

  9. Tenants and visitors shall only park cars in the designated areas, not on lawns.

  10. Every resident of the park is responsible to help keep the park clean and neat at all times.

  11. Each mobile home space must be kept neat and clean. No storage of cans, bottles, boxes, equipment, or trash around or under the mobile home will be allowed.

  12. No additions, structures, fences, awnings, or screened-in additions may be built unless first approved by the management.

  13. Do not waste water. Leaking fixtures inside or outside the home must be repaired.

  14. Mobile homes must be parked on each lot in a uniform manner. Upon arrival to the park, the attendant will instruct the driver as to the proper position for the parking and assist him if necessary.  

  15. The electrical cord must be rubber covered and weatherproof. In case of blown fuses, call the attendant. In no case shall the plumbing be allowed to drain on the ground. The tenant shall be responsible for providing approved types of hoses and connections from the trailer to the sewer and water lines.

  16. Check with the office for rules regarding the planting of flowers and shrubs.

  17. Tree trimming and pruning of shrubs belonging to the park must be left to management.

  18. There will be a $75 extra per month charge per additional family living in the same unit.

  19. Homes must be skirted within 30 days after arriving in the park.

  20. Sales/purchases of mobile homes, which will remain in Country Livin’ Mobile Home Park, must be approved by management.

  21. Junk that garbage pickup will not take is to be hauled out by tenant.

  22. No mobile homes are to be used as rentals.

  23. Storage building are allowed on the tenant’s lot up to but not exceeding 6’ x 8’.

  24. Speed limit of 5 mph in the park.

  25. If your mobile home is gas, you will be responsible for your gas tank and hookups.

  26. Only umbrella type clotheslines are allowed.

  27. Boat, car, and motorhome parking available for the price of $25 a month.

Thank you,

The Story family