Who are we?

We are owner’s representatives. We specialize in providing absentee owners the operational management necessary to maintain their family entertainment venues while they are away from the property for days, weeks, months and even years.

What we do?

We approach every role as an acting owner, evaluating every decision through the eyes of the owner/shareholder. Because of this, we take into account personal liability, corporate liability, property value, local and federal laws and ordinances, public perception, customer relations and impact on personnel when making operational decisions and implementing policies.

How we do it?

Our employees are trained to understand all corporate policies, employee manuals, employee handbooks, operations manuals, policies and procedures manuals and implement these in practice. As part of this process, we get to know our owner(s) and shareholders so we can embrace their vision for their company and in turn relay that to operators and their management style.

What does this look like?

We begin with an in depth consultation with our owner(s)/shareholders. This consultation is necessary to make sure that the employee manuals, policies and procedures, and operations manuals are all inclusive. Our 16+ years of combined FEC management experience will insure that you are using best practices and that your corporate documents will function properly inside of an active FEC.

When should you use WMG?

We are operational experts! Because of that, it is best to involve WMG during your company’s initial stages of planning and development. Being involved early will help alleviate operational problems after opening. We help with items such as customer flow, queue lines and overflow areas, allowances for additional revenue streams, and customer service. However, if you are already operational, we thrive on operational consulting. With an on-site visit, WMG will observe and identify operational problems, and formulate permanent solutions for your specific application. But it doesn’t stop there. Our WMG training team will train your staff to implement these changes, or we can provide a full service management team to manage all of your staff.

How does culture play a role?

At Wolverine Management Group we believe that people have more value than profits. This is often difficult for some owners and shareholders to grasp, but we have found this approach to pay dividends over and over again. The culture that your management team creates will be evident in all your staff and it will be seen (and experienced) by all your customers. If the proper culture is created, it will result in a better customer experience, happier and more fulfilled employees and better employee retention, and YES, greater profits! WMG prides itself in creating this Disney company type approach to culture.

What sets us apart?

In one word, experience. Prior to beginning WMG, our principle Jared Story, spent 15 years in the residential, commercial and industrial construction field. This time in the construction field, combined with our FEC experience, gives us a unique experience and unmatched platform for our company. Some of our areas of concentration are;
• Daily consulting
• Reducing exposure/liability
• Property maintenance
• Capital investment protection
• Contract negotiations
• Sub-contractor management
• Conflict resolutions
• Operational cost analysis and reduction
• Controlling labor and payroll
• Dynamic pricing
• Layered scheduling
• Merchandising/sourcing
• Market analysis
• Cost effective marketing solutions
• Implementing best practices
• Increasing/adding per-cap spending
• Daily business tracking and reporting
• Public relations
• Social media monitoring
• Daily banking/cash management and control
• Payroll reporting/hours worked verification
• Customer service/reviews
• Hiring/firing/personnel
• Staff training